Your Wedding Film is the closest you’re going to get to re-living the biggest day of your life. We want that experience to be memorable.

Creative Vision Media thrive on sculpting and showcasing contemporary, cinema-style films for your Wedding Day and other special events. Our exclusive team of professional, experienced Cinematographers & Editors have collectively filmed and edited hundreds of Weddings at the top Wedding venues in the tri-state area. Our goal is to create a fresh, unique, beautifully crafted film that you will want to revel in, over and over, forever. Our attention to detail, as well as our unmatched storytelling ability, separate us from the pack of paint-by-number Wedding studios who mostly focus on advertising and increasing revenue, rather than the sacred skill of producing an original, imaginative work of art. Our talented group of editors construct each and every one of our films, leaving no room for a difference in quality from one product to the next. When you book Creative Vision Media, you have the satisfaction and trust of knowing you are speaking directly with your Cinematographers & Editors, ensuring an intimate experience and a personal relationship with our studio. This method also translates to an incredible value for you. Modern, cinematic films, for all of your momentous occasions.